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A few statistics:

How many single people within the UK??

Reports indicate, and rather worryingly that Western Europeans are lonely:
- around 14 million single, divorced or widowed people live on their own in the UK
- 1 out 3 people above 60 live on their own
- nearly 7 million people between the ages of 20-50 live alone, a figure which has doubled in 30 years.
According to some sources, 40% of today’s single people come from a broken relationship.
Add to that shyness, lack of spare time, heartbreak, indifference to other people, or even a temporary lack of interest in the opposite sex, are but a few reasons for the finding that special partner a tough job. However it need no longer be the case!

Internet dating: is the way forward leaving that single life behind you!

A recent survey showed that more than 10 million men and women have admitted that they use internet sites for brief romance or to find their soul mate…

Nowadays marring the person you meet through the internet is no longer shocking, in fact it’s quite the opposite. So come on over to the new age.

An amazing 70% of those interviewed were not shocked at all by the idea of a long lasting relationship or marrying the partner found via the internet.

75% of those interviewed found the idea of seeking new relationships or chatting on internet sites quite natural.

Chatting on internet sites has become quite the commonplace to strike up a conversation, replacing any café or bar. Once when a more traditional “pub or club” was where you went to meet someone, today they are no longer guaranteed meeting spots. In fact the percentage rate of such a thing happening is very low, when compared to people meeting on the internet.

Also, dating sites are no longer seen as taboo or shameful, you will no doubt notice on our site, which by the way is open to the public at large that our members are focused, thus ensuring that the people that you are meeting or chatting with are like mined and set on reaching the same goals.

...So why not you?

At PROXIMEETY.CO.UK we have tens of thousands of people registered and more are joining us each day PROIMEETY.CO.UK offers its members fulfilling introductions to nice and interesting people who are just like you.

So you thought that internet dating was just a passing trend… Well why not do what thousands of others have done and get on board to check it out, with us you’ll meet people that maybe you will love, marry, date or simply spend quality time with, but one thing is sure on this site you will find happiness. So take two minutes to read our “guided tour” page and then register in right hand column on the site!

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