General terms and conditions:

PROXIMEETY.CO.UK is owned by B-CITY, a company registered at the Meaux Chamber of Commerce under reference number B483448908 and whose registered office is situated at 1 rue de Rome, MontÚvrain, France. Any unlawful representation or reproduction, by whatever means, constitutes an infringement as defined in article L.3335-2 and following articles of the French intellectual property code.
By using the services of PROXIMEETY.CO.UK you undertake to respect the following general terms and conditions of use and membership. Read them carefully and tick the box "I accept the general terms and conditions" and then click on the button "submit application". You thus register as a member and accept the terms and conditions set out below.

Access to services :

PROXIMEETY.CO.UK reserves the right to withdraw your membership without giving any reasons. The services of PROXIMEETY.CO.UK, and in particular the chat and internal message services, may only be used by those aged 18 and over. If you are under 18 you are requested not to use these services and you may not register.

Submission of ads and descriptive details by members :

The PROXIMEETY.CO.UK internet site allows individuals to submit their ads and to view the on-line ads submitted by other members. To submit an ad :
- You agree to only submit personal ads in accordance with French legislation.
- Your ad should not include any personal information, ie. you may not include your name, phone number, address or any details relating to instant messaging services. The e-mail address you provide at the time of your registration will not appear on the site. Replies will reach you via an internal mailbox on your secure space.
- Ads of a commercial nature are totally excluded from this service.

You agree to your ad being read by our team prior to it going on-line. Indeed, PROXIMEETY.CO.UK reserves the right to withhold or suppress any ad considered to be contrary to public order or accepted standards of good behaviour, any ad of a commercial nature or any ad considered to be in bad taste. Only the authors of the ads are bound by their content.
In the same way, PROXIMEETY.CO.UK will never under any circumstances be held responsible for the content or absence of veracity of any published information and PROXIMEETY.CO.UK is not responsible for the actions of its members. You are personally responsible for the information supplied in your profile and PROXIMEETY.CO.UK is only playing a passive role in the circulation and publication of your information.

Chat and exchange of messages :

All correspondence and message exchanges are hereby undertaken under your sole responsibility and PROXIMEETY.CO.UK is in no way responsible for them.
You undertake not to send offensive messages, which may be against the law, contrary to the interests of public order or contrary to accepted standards of good behaviour. You agree to cease all communication with anyone once they have clearly indicated that they no longer wish to receive messages from you. Insofar as you are unable to abide by all applicable laws or by any of the clauses of this agreement, you release PROXIMEETY.CO.UK from all rights of complaint, court action or other actions which you might see fit to bring against PROXIMEETY.CO.UK.

Recommendations for use :

PROXIMEETY.CO.UK must warn you expressly of the risks which exist when you make contact with unknown internet users, minors or those whose intentions may be fraudulent or criminal. The use of the internet and in particular the use of a dating and chat site should be envisaged with caution. We urge you to satisfy yourself entirely as to the genuineness of the people you are in contact with prior to arranging a first meeting. We would recommend you to arrange to meet in a public place and to inform a third party of your whereabouts.
PROXIMEETY.CO.UK is unable to reveal the identity of a member. You must therefore exercise caution when making contact with other members. As PROXIMEETY.CO.UK is unable to interfere in the communications or activities between members, you are releasing PROXIMEETY.CO.UK (together with its representatives and employees) from all responsibility in the event of a complaint or a claim for damages relating to possible conflict between members.

Personal information and confidentiality :

The treatment of personal information on the PROXIMEETY.CO.UK site is subject to French law reference no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to information technology, computer files and civil liberties. In accordance with the content of the said text, PROXIMEETY.CO.UK undertakes to inform all persons whose personal details have been collated of their rights and to guarantee said persons right of access and amendment in respect of the personal information which concerns them.
In order to be able to provide the services which we offer, we are obliged to collect the said personal information (mainly e-mails) on our members. The personal information supplied may be used for editorial or commercial communication (the latter in moderation). If you do not wish your information to be used in this context, you only need to advise us of this fact in an e-mail addressed to : contact (at) PROXIMEETY.CO.UK
The items of personal information in our possession will not be divulged without your authorisation or, except in the event that we are legally obliged to do so, only in response to legal proceedings for example. We may also communicate this information to our subsidiaries and parent companies, as well as to other legal entities and businesses affiliated to our group. These entities, however, are in turn bound to respect the terms of confidentiality.
We may also from time to time undertake surveys and/or organise contests and gather additional information via ballot papers for example. We then use this information exclusively with a view to improving the services of PROXIMEETY.CO.UK.
Moreover, we cannot be held responsible for the use or disclosure by other members of any information you may have provided to our site.

Complaints procedure :

PROXIMEETY.CO.UK is unable to guarantee that its members will adhere to the terms and conditions of the Contract, although the main terms of the said conditions only require members to behave in an acceptable way towards each other whilst using the service; and in any case, PROXIMEETY.CO.UK cannot be held responsible by a member for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of the services of PROXIMEETY.CO.UK. In the event of a dispute, only the court having jurisdiction in the place of residence of the defendant shall be deemed competent.
If you have a complaint to lodge, please write to the us at the following e-mail address: contact (at)
The clauses forming the general terms and conditions of use and membership are autonomous and in the event of one or other of these clauses becoming invalid or inapplicable, the said clause may be deleted and the other clauses will remain valid.

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