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All you need to know about And about internet chat in general...

- What is chat?
- What are our aims?
- Our philosophy...
- What do I have to do to join?
- Is this site a marriage bureau?
- PROXIMEETY.CO.UK must follow certain rules...
- Members must also abide by certain rules...
- How do I optimise my chances of meeting someone?
- Who can view the photos?
- Words of advice for comfortable chatting...
- Advice on how to protect your confidentiality...
- E-mails and spam on PROXIMEETY.CO.UK
- VS speed dating site

- What is chat?

Chat : any application which allows a number of surfers to converse in real time, via an interface which can be a programme or a web page and upon which messages stream in real time and to which one or more users can reply. PROXIMEETY.CO.UK's chat service operates 24 hours a day, via any computer and between members who are simultaneously connected to the internet (at the office or at home for example), anywhere in the world. On our site private chat between single people is normally the most popular, but animated general chat is also a regular feature!

- What are our aims?

PROXIMEETY.CO.UK offers its users the chance to broaden their network of contacts with a view to making new friends and even more perhaps. PROXIMEETY.CO.UK enables its members to select other members according to various criteria (family situation, photos, area or centres of interest, etc) from amongst the profiles available on our data base, and they can thus converse directly with "compatible" people.
You will soon see that an evening spent on PROXIMEETY.CO.UK will undoubtedly bring you more friends than an evening spent in a night club or in a bar. From now on internet dating is the simplest, cheapest and most modern way of meeting THE RIGHT PERSON straightaway.
The large majority of our members are clearly single people with the same goal :
- To enjoy themselves whilst conversing with others
- To make new acquaintances and go out with new friends
- To find their soul mate!

- Our philosophy:

Our data base of members is growing every day... But PROXIMEETY isn't a "factory".
On the contrary, our aim is to further genuine introductions, bring internet surfers together, in an intimate area, full of well-being, freedom and safety, thanks to these factors :
- PROXIMEETY.CO.UK is not an X-rated site, but a chat and dating site, which is genuine and open to the public at large
- No phoney profiles, no hostess, no cheating. On the contrary - quality profiles, real profiles
- Everything is rigorously monitored by our regulators (all the ads and photos are manually authenticated)
- New practicalities and improvements are constantly being offered to our members
- An anonymous, speedy and safe way of making contact.

Our introduction site, PROXIMEETY.CO.UK, brings hearts together! It really works. Many couples have already come together thanks to us!

- What do I have to do to join?

Any adult person who accepts our general terms and conditions of use is free to join.
Choose your user name and join quickly in the right hand column!

- Is this site a marriage bureau?

Internet dating sites like PROXIMEETY.CO.UK mostly present themselves as a data base allowing members to search for their "soul mate". Some users manage to do this and others unfortunately do not.
Unlike marriage bureaux, dating sites do not offer to find the ideal person for their members, a person who the members have already described in detail. It is these single people themselves who undertake the search, according to their own search criteria, which they define in the data base : area, age, size, gender, photos, etc.
For this reason, dating sites are much more similar to classified ads of a matrimonial nature and this activity is not regulated in the same way as marriage bureaux.
Our aim is to increase the number of people within your reach and you are thus free to chat with them in a friendly and harmless way, or to chat with them more seriously if you are in search of love...

- PROXIMEETY.CO.UK must follow certain rules…

As with all dating sites, PROXIMEETY.CO.UK must observe various rules.
Amongst these rules, it is appropriate first of all to mention those relating to consumer rights. Our dating site is subject to certain obligations in terms of identity, its services, possible limitations of responsibility and the price of any services offered.
Along with consumer rights, our site must also respect rights relating to the privacy of those single people who have registered with us. In particular we have to be certain that these people agree to their personal details being circulated. It should be noted that each member has a right to deny access to his or her details or to request an amendment to these details.
In more general terms, our dating site forbids its members to circulate any illegal or erroneous information. Our team rigorously monitor the information supplied on a daily basis, which is the best way of avoiding the inclusion of illegal content.

- Members must also abide by certain rules...

For your membership to remain valid, you must abide by 2 rules :
- You are forbidden, and it would be pointless, to include personal details in your description or your ad.
This includes for example your telephone number, your surname, your e-mail address or your home address. These items of personal information will automatically be removed.
- You are forbidden to say anything which could be interpreted as threatening or as a form of sexual harassment. You must be courteous at all times. A small word of advice : everything is going to be fine. Be relaxed and open to others! The man or woman you have been waiting for could be on line now!

- How do I optimise my chances of meeting someone?

We strongly advise you to :
- complete your membership form with great care (there is an indicator within the site to tell you how complete your profile is in percentage terms),
- choose the PREMIUM option which will bring your details to the forefront,
- be sincere at all times when chatting,
- submit genuine photos of yourself and don't try to cheat. Profiles with photos get more hits. In fact you really increase your chances of success by including one or more photos with your profile. Your face needs to be clearly visible in the picture. Gentlemen, if your car is visible in the photo you should understand that this is unlikely to help matters along. In fact, on the contrary, it seems that a photo of you with your pet is more likely to be an advantage.

- Who can view the photos?

Generally speaking, out of respect for your confidentiality, heterosexual male members for example only view photos of heterosexual female members; and heterosexual female members only view photos of heterosexual male members. Heterosexual males cannot view photos of other heterosexual males and it's the same for the females.
Equally, men seeking men or women seeking other women can only view homosexual profiles in accordance with these same criteria.
However, when you register, if you tick "seeking men and women" (both sexes) you will be able to view profiles of those people who have made the same choice when they joined. You will thus be able to converse with members of both sexes. This has been made possible in order to assist those who genuinely wish to make new friends of both sexes.

- Words of advice for comfortable chatting...

- Conduct yourself in a responsible fashion : in the virtual world, as in the real world, common sense is a must. Don't fall in love after chatting on line with someone for 60 seconds, for example!
- Remain anonymous : only your user name and your description are visible to the person you are talking to and this guarantees your anonymity until you decide that it is time to reveal your identity. Never disclose personal information during initial exchanges. Trust has to grow gradually in an atmosphere of openness and honesty. You are in no way obliged to reveal your identity and you should only do so if you wish to, so do not allow yourself to be influenced or forced into it. Chatting commits you to nothing. After all it is supposed to be fun!
- If the person you are chatting to asks you to change to a different site or to use a different programme, remember that whilst you remain on PROXIMEETY.CO.UK your computer is safe from viruses.
- Don't burn your bridges and trust in your own intuition to help you spot any possible inconsistencies with the people you are conversing with. Here again, as in the real world, you need a certain amount of time to really get to know people. If a particular person's messages are annoying you or you feel suspicious of them because of what they are not saying, or if you feel that you are being lied to or that the given profile does not seem to match the true personality, terminate the correspondence immediately! Furthermore, you can always add this person to your user black list if you would prefer to end all contact with them.
- Before agreeing to meet anyone in person, it is most important to request a photo and a telephone number from them... The appearance and the voice of the person in question are vital in helping you to make an accurate assessment of them! You are also strongly recommended to arrange your meetings in busy public places. Tell someone close to you where you are going and, when you meet the person, as when you are chatting on the internet, remember that "safety is born of caution". If you can find liars on the internet, then you can certainly find these same individuals in society at large, in clubs, or even in your own block of flats. Don't forget, of course, that fortunately there is also a large majority of people on the internet who are lovely and genuine. For our part, we aim to suspend the membership of those who are the subject of repeated complaints.

- Advice on how to protect your confidentiality...

The PROXIMEETY.CO.UK dating site is quite safe! You alone have access to the administration of your details and you are the only one in possession of your own password. You may wish to note the following points :
- Always close your web browser and disconnect after use
- Take the trouble to read our general terms of condition of use and membership
- Keep your passwords and membership information secret
- Change your password from time to time

In the event of any problems write to : UK (at) PROXIMEETY.COM

- E-mails and spam on PROXIMEETY.CO.UK

PROXIMEETY.CO.UK never sends out spam (ie. unsolicited advertising messages to non-members).
We do however use your e-mail address to reply to any comments you may address to our site or indeed to advise you of any new opportunities or news items. Under no circumstances will your e-mail address be communicated to a third party.
However, we may see fit to send you general information messages relating to our services or to goods and services offered in conjunction with third parties, but in this case you can simply send us a message back to advise that you no longer wish to receive this type of message or you can unsubscribe from the newsletter with a simple click and we will respect your wishes.

- VS speed dating site

PROXIMEETY.CO.UK is the new meeting place for single people. It's ideal for internet users seeking to get to know people easily in a pleasant atmosphere. Our internet site operates via a chat and messaging system through our internal message service.
Speed dating is also a way of getting to know people but it works completely differently. American in origin, speed dating reached Europe in 2001. People in London and all the large European cities now take part in this great game of love and chance.
It works in a simple way : gather together some 15 or more single people, all seeking love, in a bar specially intended for this purpose. Then place these people two by two at the same table and leave them together for 7 minutes so that they can make each other's acquaintance. Repeat this with the remaining candidates.
On our on-line dating site, PROXIMEETY.CO.UK, you should usually be able to converse with well over 7 people at a time…and you can do this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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