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The advantages of PROXIMEETY.CO.UK...

At PROXIMEETY.CO.UK we believe that our internet site is the best way of obtaining genuine introductions...

- PROXIMEETY.CO.UK is open to all...
- Everyone is free to visit our site to search for harmless fun or true love!
- Compulsory registration... to ensure that applicants are legitimate...
- PROXIMEETY.CO.UK : a comprehensive and effective tool!
- Internet dating saves you time...
- Internet dating : an easier step to take
- Internet chat : it's cheap!
- You have a complete description of the person...
- Chat in complete safety and anonymity...
- The idea was to simplify things...
- Internet chat is fashionable!
- Jump in, it's quick and easy...

- PROXIMEETY.CO.UK is open to all...

PROXIMEETY.CO.UK refuses to influence or pre-select its members in any way. With the exception of underage applicants, everyone is free to join. PROXIMEETY.CO.UK is open to all adult internet users of all ages and all nationalities (users are mainly from the UK, the USA, Canada and Australia). You can use our services regardless of the type of internet connection you have (dial up or ADSL).

Everyone is free to visit our site to search for harmless fun or true love!

According to the statistics, our users are delighted and, when questioned, a high percentage of them feel that they have been successful in charming those with whom they have conversed... So, keyboards at the ready!
Whether you are looking for your soul mate or just a friend...
The PROXIMEETY.CO.UK team invite you to try your luck...
Give yourself the opportunity of experiencing genuine introductions!

- Compulsory registration... to ensure that applicants are legitimate...

By requiring every applicant to register to be able to use our services, even if the registration process is quick and easy (no more than 30 seconds!), we are already sifting out non-genuine people, those who may be 'fooling around' or the 'tourists'! Registration thus enables the user to set up his profile and to communicate under his or her user name with other people who are just as serious in their intentions.

- PROXIMEETY.CO.UK : a comprehensive and effective tool!

An effective concept...
1. Internet dating is the most effective method in terms of quality, indeed "scientifically speaking" it enables selection and precise elimination to take place according to fixed criteria and likes and dislikes.
2. It is equally the most effective method in terms of opportunity and quantity, because it opens the door to a great number of people who are also receptive and in "search mode" themselves. You could never meet as many single people in the street as you can meet on PROXIMEETY!
3. Internet dating lacks none of the "spice" or "magic" of a first meeting... In fact on the contrary, it is a starting point, a means of preparation to ensure that the first meeting is as successful as possible!

...And a comprehensive and effective tool:
When you register with PROXIMEETY.CO.UK you will be able to use...
- the first main functionality : THE INTERNAL MESSAGE SERVICE, for communicating with members who are not connected to the chat module for example
- the second main functionality : THE CHAT MODULE, for communicating with members who are on line at the same time as you
- and also, a search engine which works by user name or other criteria to help you search carefully for the detailed description of the girl or boy you are interested in
- a menu on the left hand side showing a current list of the last 10 people who have joined and the last 10 people who have connected to the site
- you can also have your own list of friends and a black list
- general chat
- a forum
- games and news
- total management of your own profile
- a counter showing how many individual members have viewed your details, etc.

It took us more than a year to develop and write the programme for PROXIMEETY so that it can offer you so much today and be one of the best of its kind, yet at the same be easy to use.

Internet dating saves you time...

Are you sick of expensive nights out in pubs and clubs, which can be so humdrum and sterile? You have had enough of these useless and boring encounters. Chance is great but it can also be risky. Step on the accelerator of your love life and bring an end to this period of stagnation where you feel as though there is nothing new on the horizon...

Internet dating : an easier step to take

Don't be ashamed of being alone any more. There are millions of people just like you! Instead, maximise your chances of finding your soul mate and give yourself the means for success! There are so many men and women just longing to find their other half, but they hesitate to take the route of the marriage bureaux or to place small ads in magazines. With its fun and modern approach, PROXIMEETY.CO.UK will lead you through an original game of seduction which is convivial, safe and effective.

Internet chat : it's cheap!

1. So many single people do not resort to the traditional marriage bureaux, nor to the leading internet dating sites, as these are sometimes considered to be too expensive.
2. How much did your last evening out as a single person cost you? Did you go to a club, a restaurant or the cinema perhaps? Did you manage to meet anyone interesting while you were out?

You have a complete description of the person...

You will find a qualitative and very detailed profile on each member, containing:
- 5 photos of the person you are in touch with
- His or her ad
- A detailed description (tastes, hobbies, physical appearance, etc.)

It is interesting to note that profiles with photos are 4 to 5 times more popular in terms of hits than those profiles without photos.
In addition, once you have been using the site for a while, you will notice in the chat room that the "mask" falls away quickly and that you can discover the true personality of the other person more quickly.

Chat in complete safety and anonymity...

Your personal password is CONFIDENTIAL and encrypted to guarantee you total confidentiality. You alone have access to the administration of your own file. Using your password, you can edit your personal details in the member service pages.
You can also place on your "black list" any members with whom you no longer desire any contact whatsoever (entrance and exit messages). Dishonest internet users who fail to respect our general terms and conditions will be excluded if necessary.
Equally, if you forget your password, simply click on "forgotten password" and an e-mail containing your password will be sent to you automatically, to the e-mail address you gave us when you registered.

The idea was to simplify things...

Whether you are in a rural area or in one of the anonymous grey big cities, dating is just as difficult. And a traditional date can sometimes be tiring and stressful : spending a whole evening with a stranger, who you may not even particularly like...
Internet dating is a breath of fresh air! On the one hand, it is easier to get to know someone via your own computer than it is sitting face to face with them. And, on the other hand, if you meet someone via our site, you can approach your first date with them in a more relaxed fashion, as you already have a certain amount of information about this person (photo, description, you have chatted to each other) and right from the start you have the reassurance of some points in common and a minimum of similar likes and dislikes and thus some topics for shared discussion!

Internet chat is fashionable!

In the first place, dating sites are a great success at the moment. They are no longer taboo and the very least that one can say is that internet dating provokes a reaction. Mention the subject to others and you will probably get a variety of reactions.
From our point of view, we feel that the phenomenon of "internet chat" is very fashionable, simply because it is a real step forward in terms of dating.
For some people, nothing beats a chance meeting, but for others, on the contrary, the internet allows you to test out your potential for seduction, to discover new and interesting people. We leave it up to you to judge for yourselves!

Jump in, it's quick and easy...

Registration takes a few seconds and is simplicity itself (and free of course). You will automatically receive your personal password a few seconds after registration via an e-mail sent to your e-mail address. Thereafter, you don't need to be a computer expert to use our site. Once you have registered, you can also, if you wish, cancel your membership just as easily in the same way. So, quickly, keyboards at the ready!

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