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Happy as an Indian in the UK

According to the British National Statistical Office, Indian citizens (or their descendants) are the happiest in the United Kingdom. And here are the reasons put forward by these Indian compatriots to explain this level of happiness that makes you want.

When asking British citizens the question “are you happy?”, it is Indians and people of Indian origin living in the United Kingdom who respond positively. The Indian community in the UK has around 1.4 million people. It is the largest ethnic minority in UK. When questioned, the Indians gave an average score of 7.5 /10 to the quality of life and the happiness of living in the UK. By comparison, white Britons and people of Chinese descent are then the happiest with a happiness “rating” of 7.4 out of 10. Black communities are the least happy, with only 6.7 out of 10.

the Indians believe that the reason for this happiness is due to the structure and stability of the family unit. For the Indians, “The Indian family is the basis of everything. The values ​​instilled within the family are very strong. The family is a guarantee of stability. For the Indians, “Marriage is the cement of this family spirit. Indian culture shapes couples based on social background, education, and physical appearance. When you have health, a family and a job you love, you can be happy. ”

Indians in the United Kingdom learned a great deal from Indians expelled from Uganda in 1972. They served as a model for the Indian diaspora because they were educated and knew how to run a business ...

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