5 Free dating sites you need to check out With the endless arrival of online dating sites, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a free dating site, whether it be from registration to online chatting, it’s really unusual now a days to see dating sites offering these services for free. Although not all dating […]

Summer flirting dating games and a tip or two!

Summer loving, keeping coolkeeping it cool. It’s summer time, and we all enjoy a cool drink, whether it be that ice cold beer a nice long sex on the beach cocktail, a chilled glass of white wine or a good old classic Gin and Tonic. As we sip slowly by the pool or on the […]

Simply do not give money to people you encounter on the internet that is a definite NO, NO!

You may well meet your soulmate on the net, many people do indeed meet every day, and however it is true that there are also some dishonest people out there looking to take advantage of you. You have surely heard the many well-known tales of people being “gouged” (swindled) on the net for greater or […]

The meaning of body ink

Should you date someone with Tattoos? The symbolism of tattoos from simple black ink to colorful explosions First of all the size of the tattoos has a meaning in its self, if it is a small Glyphs style (i.e. a small triangle with a line through it at the top). Then it is has been […]

Free does not mean easy to join!

  With the rush for summer loving in the air, it seems like a good time to point out to singles looking to join that you need beware as our screening team is working with some top of the range equipment, making sure that only singles who share the same common values and understand […]

Positive online dating approach

Sourced from the @louiseroug Online dating and racism at we see a positive side… It would appear that singles are using online dating apps to help them select their soulmate by race and color before character, personality, chemistry and humor after all we know just how sexy  making someone laugh can be, however […]

In support of mental health awearness week in the UK.

First date nights that go from butterflies to anxiety You walk into the date venue feeling quite on top of it all, you immediately recognize your date, walk over somewhat self-aware about how you look as you cross the room, you say,

How to make that profile shot a snitch much better!

Hi there all, the summer is on its way and those profile pics looking as good as you can. Our tips to help you put your best foot forwards is: Take off the sunglasses and let your eyes be the windows of your soul, show who you truly are at heart and let the color […]