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Gender : A Man to date ...
Age : 58
Zodiac : Scorpio
From : Other > Germany
Text Description :
I live in Hannover, Germany.

I am looking for contact to ladies all over the world, as friendship and love donīt know borders or distances.

I am graduated academic ( Dipl.-Ing.(FH) in electric engineering, information technology ), currently looking for new contracts. In my freetime I like to do bicycle tours, I like to visit museums and exhibitions.

Single-mothers are welcome too - they are simple more open, honest and friendly than others I experience.
Gender : A Woman to date
Age : 71
Zodiac : Cancer
From : Other > Germany
Text Description :

I am looking for my mindmate and companion to grow old together in a serious, close, bonded, exclusive, committed relationship, as a shared and reciprocal safe haven according to the 'Egalitarian Rational Commitment Paradigm'.

I am German. I will send a picture in private email, but only after a bit of corresponding, when there is enough interest in my person. I do not want to be either chosen or rejected because of a picture. If my profile without a picture does not interest you, then you are too superficial for me.

You are PHILEMON, if you

~ are a man between about 62 and 72;
~ are a university graduate;
~ are an atheist and apistic, a skeptic, rational and free of any woo-woo-beliefs;
~ are childfree by not having any children of any age;
~ do not have or need pets;
~ are politically between left and green;
~ are bearded and natural by refraining from any body-modification, lacking vanity;
~ do not smoke and drink in moderation,
~ value sharing time and activities with a partner much more than money;
~ feel a stronger need for togetherness and sharing than for personal space and independence;
~ are more an Epicurean than a hedonist;
~ have high ethical standards and values like honesty, sincerity, monogamy, faithfulness, reliability, responsibility, consideration;
~ are sensitive, emotional, caring, hypoanimalistic,
~ are a deep thinker, who enjoys meaningful and constructive communication;
~ prefer cooperation over competition;
~ are attracted to a mate by her aptitude for intellectual intimacy;
~ are clever enough to find and contact me !

With the exception of the beard, I am all of the above myself.

I do NOT want any contact with men, who evoke my nausea, because they are:
~ cheaters;
~ promiscuous;
~ looking for the use of female bodies without long-term commitment;
~ consumers of pornography